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Hi folks, welcome to Virginia Backpacking! I started this site with the intent to educate and expand people’s interest in backpacking. While many of us are out there enjoying the great outdoors with our homes on our backs there are many others that have thought about it but have questions or don’t know where to start.  For some it’s the unknown of what to expect that keeps them in the comfort zone and away from an overnight stay in the woods.  For others cost may be an issue and I’m hoping to help with that as well by offering inexpensive or free opportunities to borrow backpacking equipment.  Stay tuned for more posts that talk about our adventures and offer learning opportunities to those that are interested.  Hope to see you on the trails!


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  1. Hi Brian
    I am new to backpacking but would love to begin the experience. How do I know what gear to purchase etc. I am an avid hiker and kayaker but backpacking is my new frontier. Also, how do I get to find the upcoming trips?

    • Hi Maha and welcome to the wonderful world of backpacking! There are some great resources out there to help you get started. These include visiting a local outdoor retailer such as REI or LL Bean as well as additional resources online. Your local outdoor retailer will have an expert to help answer questions about equipment and will also give you an opportunity to try gear on to ensure a great fit. They may also have some upcoming classes available. As to online resources, the link below is a great resource from REI with several articles about choosing gear and other basic backpacking knowledge:


      Also, to see posted trips in the Virginia area that you can sign up for visit our Meetup group at the link below. Trips have a good mixture of experienced and new backpackers and we’re happy to share what we know!


      Hope to see you on the trails!

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