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Hi folks, a bit of explanation may be in order for those that aren’t familiar with what an under quilt is. An under quilt is essentially a type of sleeping bag for those that like to hammock camp. Using a normal sleeping bag in a hammock will squish the insulation underneath your body and result in loss of heat and a chilly night. An under quilt helps solve that problem. Rather than going inside the hammock it hangs just belong the hammock. It keeps the wind from cutting through your hammock and retains heat as it isn’t compacted by your body. You still need either a sleeping bag or a top quilt in the hammock with you to keep your topside warm.

In preparation for some winter camping this season I purchased a Revolt under quilt from Enlightened Equipment.


Cost: $292.00 + $13.00 Shipping
Testing Environment:
2 nights at Mount Rogers National Recreation Area (Temps around 40°F)
1 night at House Mountain (Temps around 40°F)
1 night at Caledon State Park (Temps around 25°F)
One of the big things going for Enlightened Equipment is the ability to customize an under quilt to your specifications. Options include:
  • Down Type
  • Temperature (0°F – 50°F)
  • Length
  • Outside Fabric Color
  • Inside Fabric Color

If you struggle with making decisions this can be a daunting task but they do have preset off the shelf options as well. I went with a 0°F under quilt to help extend my backpacking season. From a temperature perspective I was able to keep my underside nice and toasty. Each end of the under quilt has easy to use drawstrings to make a snug fit up to your hammock. I realized the importance of this at Caldeon. I had forgotten to do this and a few hours into my slumber I was slightly chilly underneath. After fumbling for my headlamp for a few minutes I successfully cinched each end while staying in my hammock and quickly restoring heat.

The under quilt came with two stuff sacks. One for while you’re on the trail that is more compact and another one for when you’re back at home that loosely holds your under quilt. This allows the down to expand and lengthens the life of your purchase.

You have the option of purchasing a couple of mini-carabiners to help quickly attach the ends of your quilt to the ends of your hammock string. Having made this purchase I do feel this is the one disappointment I have about the quilt. On my first trip with the quilt to Mount Rogers the metal movable clip on the carabiner popped out. Thankfully I had a multi-tool with me to pop the piece back in place. Sadly this happened again on my trip to Caledon. I’ve since made a separate purchase of two sturdy mini-carabiners to correct this issue.


Overall, I’m happy with the purchase and intend to keep this as a go to piece of equipment on future backpacking trips.

Final Grade:

A –


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