Info Meeting – New Hampshire Presidential Range Hike 2019


Hi folks, we’re planning a return trip to New Hampshire’s Presidential Range the summer of 2019. This meeting is intended to give you an overview of the hike, what to expect, and to help you make an informed decision as to whether you’d like to join Virginia Backpacking on this adventure! Pictures from a past trip will be shown.

Space is limited to 72 people. To sign up for the event click here.

Topics include:

-Where it is.
-How long it takes to get there.
-What to expect along the hike including two options of varying difficulty.
-Accommodations (this is not a typical backpacking trip).
-Expected itinerary including exact dates.
-Estimated cost.

This is intended to be an interactive session and to allow you to ask all the questions you need to in order to feel comfortable. Having done this trip I will be able to speak from experience.

If you can’t make this one I’ll be offering at least a couple more sessions this fall.

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