You Shouldn’t Go Backpacking…

You Shouldn’t Go Backpacking, it’s scary out there.
There could be a tick, a snake, or maybe a bear.

A pack, a bag, and a tent cost dough.
You have bills to pay, don’t you know?

Stranger Danger may rear its ugly head.
If you’re not careful you could end up dead.

Lyme disease and hogweed are just around the bend.
It could take months or years for you to mend.

You’re too old, too young, you’re out of shape.
You’ll trip and fall, you might get a scrape.

If you don’t want to go you’ll find a reason,
but you’ll be missing out on things that are pleasing.

Fresh air for miles and an endless view.
A nighttime sky with a dark blue hue.

Peaceful thoughts and a friendly conversation,
over dinner and a fire at your next destination.

Pride and admiration, the mountains you ascended,
while life’s worries back home have been suspended.

On second thought, go backpacking lickety-split!
It’s your fears and your objections that you should quit.

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  1. At the end of our lives, we will all end up dead,
    But that doesn’t mean we should just stay in bed.
    So, lace on those boots and throw on that pack,
    Hit the trail to that campsite – it’s a most lovely track!

    Liked what you wrote here. Nothing is risk free. Seize the day!

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