Appalachian Trail Vote


Back in November we stated a GoFundMe page to raise funds for an aspiring 2019 Appalachian Trail hiker. We then put out the word for hikers to submit an application and finalists would be put to a vote. Well, here are your finalists! Click on each name to learn more about their reasons for wanting to hike the AT and how they expect it to change their lives.

When you're done reviewing each hiker submit your vote here. Regardless of the final result, we wish each of these aspiring thru hikers success on their journeys.

The GoFundMe campaign for these funds is still active. If you'd like to contribute visit here.


Lyle Kampf


Michael Dunford


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    • We tried to award it to two of the finalists and each wasn’t able to actually do a thru hike this year. Instead I’ve been handing out $20 bills to thru hikers we encounter during our group trips. We’re heading up to New Hampshire in a few weeks where I hope to continue sharing the trail magic. If you’re currently thru hiking let me know!

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