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Backpacking With Fink

The only thing that equals my passion for backpacking is sharing it with others! From leading volunteer group backpacking trips to teaching free classes for newbies to sharing tips, tricks, and destination articles on virginiabackpacking.com, I'm here to help you enjoy your next hike!

Mount Rogers – Backpacking Loop

SUNSET OVER MOUNT ROGERS The Backpacking Loop Counter Clockwise So, a day hike isn’t what you’re looking for and for some the drive to get here is a significant one. To give you some context getting here from Richmond is about a 5 hour drive. Well, make it […]

Hike For Kids 2020

What a crazy year 2020 has been! Our lives have been forever changed as life has been anything but normal. This includes Blue Sky Fund’s annual Hike For Kids 2020 event. Normally this would be a hiking event in downtown Richmond with thousands of visitors helping support an […]