Blue Ridge Tunnel Challenge

The Challenge

Hike the full length of The Blue Ridge Tunnel in Nelson County Virginia.

The Deets

The Blue Ridge Tunnel was completed in 1858 and travels under the Appalachian Trail and Interstate 64 close to where the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive meet. The tunnel itself is about 0.8 miles one way. You can start at the east or west entrance. Getting to the tunnel adds 0.81 miles from the west side entrance and is more hilly while the east side entrance only adds 0.63 miles and has an easier slope.

So, coming from the west side to the end of the tunnel and back is about 3.2 miles. From the east side to the end of the tunnel and back is about 2.85 miles.

***3 things to note

  1. Bring a headlamp or flashlight. By the time you get to the middle of the tunnel it will be dark and hard to see the ground, even on a sunny day. The ground to the sides of the tunnel can be uneven.
  2. The temperature inside the tunnel varies between 55 to 65 degrees year-round so you may want to bring a warm layer to put on if you're in shorts and a t-shirt.
  3. The east side of the tunnel will be closed from April 12th to May 4th as they are expanding the eastern parking lot. Visit the west side instead.

Visit the link below for specific details about planning a trip to the Blue Ridge Tunnel.

Visit our patch page.

The Patch

Measures 3" high by 3" wide with hook and loop backing.



It may be bright at the entrance but it will get dark!