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What are the prices for Virginia Backpacking’s trips?

Someone recently asked me what the prices are for our hiking/backpacking trips. It’s a great question and one I probably need to do a better job communicating to others when we do post a trip. For the most part our trips are free but there are potential costs. […]


Hey, You Gonna Eat That?

I’m no ultra-light backpacker, but one of the mistakes I make from time to time is carrying too much food.  Why, there was one trip long ago when I actually begged a black bear to take most of my food!  He looked at me with disdain, said “I […]

Weight Matters

When backpacking, the weight of your backpack is a really big deal. If you read my previous post, you’ll remember that on my very first Virginia Backpacking trip, I met a petite lady with a cup of coffee and a petite lady with a killer set of hiking […]