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You Shouldn’t Go Backpacking…

You Shouldn’t Go Backpacking, it’s scary out there. There could be a tick, a snake, or maybe a bear. A pack, a bag, and a tent cost dough. You have bills to pay, don’t you know? Stranger Danger may rear its ugly head. If you’re not careful you […]


Virginia Backpacking Apparel

Hi folks, we have a sweatshirt, long sleeve shirt, and short sleeve shirt now available for Virginia Backpacking at the link below. Apparel will be available for the next 20 days, orders can be placed online, and the product will ship directly to you. Proceeds go toward […]

Father’s Day Hiking

With Father’s Day coming up I tried to do a quick search of hikes and/or mountains named Dad or something similar. Here’s three I was able to find. Do you know of another one? Let me know! Old Dad Mountain – California Elevation 4,251 ft The California Department […]

Backpacking Community

Great news! We’ve started an open community for fellow backpackers to connect. Want a recommendation for a hike? Want to sell your used backpacking gear? Want to ask advice? Want to invite others on a trip? Post it in our Virginia Backpacking Facebook Community. This is a public […]