Cole Mountain Challenge (aka Cold Mountain)

The Challenge

Hike to the top of Cole Mountain, also known as Cold Mountain.

The Deets

Cole Mountain is a popular hiking destination with it's high mountain meadows and 360 degree views! You can do an out and back hike if you'd like to just hike to the top for the beautiful views or complete a 6 mile circuit hike.

Please note, the last mile or so of road that takes you to the parking area is made of gravel and dirt. There may be some ruts in the road you'll have to navigate. Having said that, I've taken a mini-van to the start of this hike multiple times. If it's raining the road can be tricky.

Visit the link below for specific details about planning a trip to Cole Mountain

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The Patch

Measures 2" high by 4" wide with hook and loop backing.



Wide open views from the meadow at the top of Cole Mountain!