Dolly Sods Challenge

The Challenge

Hike any one of the several trails in the Dolly Sods Wilderness.

The Deets

The Dolly Sods Wilderness is located within the Monongahela National Forest of West Virginia.

"Beginning in August of 1943, the military used the area for maneuvers and mountain training for World War II. Many of the artillery and mortar shells shot into the area for practice still exist. In 1997, a highly trained crew surveyed the trail locations and known campsites for shells. They found 15, some of which were still live. All were exploded on site. Many more may exist and they are dangerous.

Since it is impossible to survey every acre of wilderness, we ask that you follow these recommendations; do not touch, move, or dig near or around the suspected ordinance, identify the area on a map or by terrain feature. On the ground, from a distance away, you can point out the location by making an arrow using rocks or sticks, or hanging a bandanna, walk away in the direction you came, and immediately call the Forest Service." (

NOTE: This is an extremely popular hiking destination and parking spots are hard to come by on the weekend. Your best option is to hike during the week and to avoid the weekend.

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The Patch

Measures 3.75" high by 2.125" wide with hook and loop backing.

Dolly Sods

Photo Credit: The Nature Conservancy

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