Georgia Appalachian Trail Challenge

The Challenge

To qualify for the patch you just need to hike at least 10 miles of the Appalachian Trail in Georgia.

If you're feeling like an overachiever, hike the entire 78 miles of Appalachian Trial in Georgia and we'll add you to our Georgia Hiker Hall of Fame list lower down on this page! Doesn't matter if you do it all in one year or over several years.

The Deets

The Appalachian Trail stretches 2,193 miles and spans 14 states from Georgia to Maine. 78 of those miles are in Georgia!

There are tons of great hikes along the AT (Appalachian Trail) and all you have to do is hike 10 miles.

But why stop there? If in the course of your adventures you end up hiking the entire length of AT in Georgia send a quick email to or add a comment letting us know your name or trail name and the year you completed the trail and we'll add you to our Georgia Hiker Hall of Fame list.

Visit our patch page.

The Patch

Measures 3.13" high by 2.87" wide with hook and loop backing.

Georgia Hiker Hall Of Fame


Chris “Mischief “ Phillips