McAfee Knob

McAfee Knob is one of the most photographed and iconic sections along the Appalachian Trail and it's right here in Virginia! Chances are you've seen it on a calendar, a social media post, or even in a movie. You can either tackle this location as an out and back hike or string together a longer backpack trip. McAfee Knob is also part of Virginia's Triple Crown along with Dragon's Tooth and Tinkers Cliff. Be forewarned, this is an extremely popular hike and you'll likely encounter crowds at the top most times of the year. Many venture near the edge to get a memorable picture but please be safe. People have died falling from this point.

The Deets...

  • Elevation
    • 3,193 feet
    • 37.392472, -80.036283

Hiking Challenges

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