Old Rag Challenge

The Challenge

Hike up or down the rock scrambles at Old Rag.

The Deets

This is Shenandoah National Parks most popular destination. It is highly recommended you avoid weekends and pick a day during the week to attempt this hike. Try it on a weekend and you likely won't find a parking space and the trails will be crowded. You should also familiarize yourself with this trail before attempting it. The rock scrambles are no joke and people are often hurt attempting them. In 2020 rescuers spent 2 straight nights in 30 degree temperatures assisting two different hikers. One even required to be evacuated by helicopter the next morning. There are different options to hike Old Rag but the most popular is a 9+ mile circuit hike. Have you done something like this before with elevation? Please be prepared and safe!

Visit the link below for specific details about planning a trip to Old Rag.

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The Patch

Measures 3" high by 3" wide with hook and loop backing.



You'll encounter this half way up the rock scrambles.