The Priest

The Priest is a popular hike and will have you seeking forgiveness as you ascend to the summit! You may find it a constant grind with close to 3,100 feet of elevation gain but there is a nice stopping point about 2.5 miles up the trail. It overlooks a valley that you likely drove by on the way to the trailhead. Parking is found along Virginia Route 56 where the Appalachian Trail crosses the road. There is an option to do an 8.2 mile end to end hike by making your way up The Priest and down Crabtree Falls. I recommend going with a friend and leaving a car at the Crabtree Falls parking lot a few miles further up Route 56 if this is what you choose to do. Otherwise you're looking at about 7.6 miles up to the summit and back down The Priest parking lot.

The Deets...

  • Elevation
    • 4,063 feet
    • 37.820299, -79.066786

Hiking Challenges

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View from the top of The Priest with a faint rainbow above Crabtree Falls