Three Ridges Challenge

The Challenge

Do a loop hike of Three Ridges.

The Deets

Three Ridges, considered one of the top rated loop hikes in Virginia. gives you two options to complete this challenge. One option starts off at Reeds Gap parking lot along the Blue Ridge Parkway. The other starts off at The Priest parking area near the Tye River. Each option is a lasso shaped hike. While a day hike is a possibility I do recommend completing this as an overnight backpack trip as you're talking about 14 miles for the entire trip. What makes this such a popular trip? The waterfalls along the Mau Har Trail as well as the views along the Three Ridges ridgeline! Words don't do it justice and seeing the falls after a recent rain is amazing to see!

Reeds Gap Start

For a great overview of this hike visit our friends at Hiking Upward at the following link.

The Priest

The other option is very similar in nature but comes from the south and starts at The Priest parking area along the Tye River. Parking is limited at this location so arrive early in the day. Cross the street toward the Tye River and hike north along the Appalachian Trail. At one point you'll pass the Mau Har Trail on your left. I recommend continuing north along the AT, eventually passing Harpers Creek Shelter, then summiting Three Ridges your first day. Take the Mau Har trail on your way back day 2. After you summit Three Ridges and make your descent, look for the Maupin Shelter. This is where I recommend you camp for the night. Day 2, make your way down the Mau Har trail, enjoy the waterfalls, then reconnect with the AT. Turn right to go south on the AT and arrive back at The Priest parking area. Not familiar with the area? Bring a map and compass to be safe.

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The Patch

Measures 3" high by 3" wide with hook and loop backing.


View of Three Ridges Summit