Trail Volunteer Challenge

The Challenge

Volunteer with an outdoor organization to help maintain or improve a section of trail.

The Deets

554 miles of the Appalachian Trail runs through Virginia in addition to thousands of miles of other trails that can be found across our great state. Most trails are maintained to a large extent by dedicated volunteers from dozens of outdoor organizations.

Find a local organization near you and volunteer your time to help maintain a section of trail.

By default, 50% of the purchase price of our Trail Volunteer patch will be donated to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy.

If you'd like the 50% donation to go to one of the Virginia AT maintaining trail clubs below, please visit our Virginia Backpacking's Facebook Shop to make your selection.

Are you an outdoor organization that would like to buy a batch of our patches so you can hand out to volunteers at an event? Patches can be expensive if you don't buy a large enough quantity so we offer our patches at a 50% discount to outdoor volunteer organizations. Contact us for more information.

Have you completed this challenge? Submit your entry here.

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The Patch

Measures 3" high by 3" wide with plastic backing.